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Sell My Life Insurance Policy

Get Cash for Selling Your Life Insurance Policy!

Sell my life insurane policy? Are you considering cashing in on your life insurance policy? If so, has access to over 40 financial institutions, banks, and hedge funds, that are ready to offer you top dollar for selling your life insurance policy. Selling a life insurance policy can be one of the biggest financial transactions you ever complete, so it is important you choose a life settlement company that you can trust. To date, we have a flawless record with the BBB, we have never had one complaint. We are experienced life settlement brokers that can make the sale of your life insurance policy a stress-free transaction.

If you want to sell a life insurance policy, then you likely have an unwanted or unneeded life insurance policy. By selling a life insurance policy, you are able to get an offer from a 3rd party financial institution, which many times, can be 2x-4x the value that the life insurance company is willing to give you in the form of cash surrender value (if a permanent type of life insurance, such as whole life or universal life insurance), which can have a positive impact on your newly liquidated asset. Before you consider selling a life insurance policy back to the life insurance company, you should contact, so we can provide you with a Free Policy Appraisal.

Once you have decided to move forward with the thought, “I want to sell my life insurance policy for cash”, you may think, “How can I use the proceeds from my life insurance settlement?” You have 100% freedom to enjoy your proceeds in any manner you wish. Some want to utilize the funds from selling a life insurance policy for cash to further fund retirement, purchase stocks, take a dream vacation, pay off the mortgage, funding a college fund for a loved one, paying down loved ones debt, helping a family member in financial need, etc. As you can see, there are no limits to how you can use your funds from the life insurance settlement! Additionally, once you sell your life insurance policy, and the transaction is complete, you no longer will need to pay for your life insurance premiums.

The Process of Selling Your Life Insurance Policy:

  • Gathering the Information Needed for us to Get a Free Appraisal Started
  • Preliminary Market Evaluation to See if there is Demand for Your Policy
  • Providing Life Insurance Illustration for Investors
  • Receive Offers from Interested Parties, such as, Financial Instituations, Banks, and/or Hedge Funds
  • Accept Top Offer
  • You Get Paid