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A life settlement or life insurance settlement in some cases, can be an ideal solution. If you or a family member have an active life insurance policy and your needs have changed since purchasing the policy, you may be able to get a larger life settlement offer through a third party financial institution. Before accepting your cash surrender value, make sure you realize the large lump sum that life settlements can provide. If you think, “I can just get my cash surrendver value, and call it a day.” You sure can, but while you do that, you may be losing out on thousands of dollars by passing up life settlements.

This is just one of the many benefits when you consider to sell a life insurance policy for cash. Most of us, have not heard about life settlements as they are still rather new. However, many times, people allow their life insurance policies to lapse or just turn it back in to the insurance company. While this is a feasible approach, it is like not selling your $750,000 dollar house for market value, but rather, selling your home for $100,000, just because that’s what you owe on the mortgage.

So when do you sell your life insurance policy?

After you have signed the life insurance settlement application, your life insurance policy information and health records will be evaluated by third party, the findings will be sent to the third party financial institutions who will evaluate your medical records, life expectancy reports, and life insurance policy illustrations to determine if they are interested in making a lump sum offer for the sale of your life insurance policy. If no life settlement offer is made for the purchase of your policy, than we will be notified and in turn notify you of the life settlements outcome.

Life settlement proceeds can be used however you wish, they are typically used to cover any financial needs. Selling your life insurance policy has never been easier, and yielding the highest dollar is now easier than ever with life settlements, you can obtain quotes from multiple financial institutions through life settlement providers like, eLifeSettlement, meaning, we have multiple insitutions, banks, and investors, which are willing to consider buying your life insurance policy. Life settlements are a relatively fast process, if paperwork is not delayed, life settlements can be completed in about 4-7 weeks! Currently, we are licensed as a Florida life settlement company, and able to help our clients in about 12 other states. Contact us today, for a free policy appraisal!

Life Settlement Companies: What Makes us Different

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The Life Settlement Industry

During hard times, you need someone that it is the best in the business. By utilizing our leverage with multiple financial institutions we are able to present you with higher offers than most other life settlement companies.

We have never received one complaint from the BBB, this is because we consult with our clients, only giving solid, unbiased advice. So if you are strongly considering a life settlement, look no further, we have the proven ratings, and many satisfied customers. Use our industry connections to your advantage, life settlements could never have been easier!

You may be a little nervous about the life insurance settlement process, it sounds intimidating. However, we do most of the work! We attempt to find a buyer on your behalf to take-over the payments on your life insurance policy, the buyer will then be listed as the beneficiary of the policy, this is only if you accept the offer of a lump-sum of cash for your life insurance settlement. Rather than letting your life insurance policy lapse, you can always get a free policy appraisal, historically, we have found a life insurance settlement to be a win-win.

How Can Life Settlement Funds Be Used?

Life settlement funds can be used in any way you desire. You have earned that right for keeping your life insurance policy active for years and years, if your policy is no longer needed, than completing a life settlement may yield you far more funds when compared to actual cash surrender value. Many times, people enjoy using life settlement funds to increase retirement savings, help out family members, go on their dream vacation, pay off existing debt, pay for long-term care, etc.

It should come to no surprise that life settlement jobs are on the rise due to the life settlement industry growing, this can be attributed to ethical life settlement providers such as If you are wanting to work with a proven life settlement company, you found us. We have the experience, industry connections, and intelligence to obtain you the most favorable offers. It is in our best interest to work for you, as we only get paid if you accept an offer from the buyer. As your life settlement company, we will only seek the best offers on all life settlements.